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Guided Project Support

The agency may provide support for projects whose feasibility has been approved by the Ministry of Development in the fields of priority, indicated in the region plans or determined as a result of field studies. In line with the initiatives determined in the region plan, guided projects which are aimed at ensuring direct support without the implementation of the call for proposals method, are special quality model projects whose subjects and conditions are determined with under the guidance and direction of the agency.

These project, in general, include the following principles:

a) Developing production and export capacities in a way that will strengthen private sector operations, building good application samples, supporting sectoral specialization, development, transfer or promotion of special information, skills and technologies, development of new financing models, supporting public-university-industry collaboration, development of new service and production organizations, forming collaboration networks and other chains, supporting clustering, developing new industry infrastructure and organization models and development of human resources in fields which will be required by sectors in the region,

b) Establishing infrastructure which will ease access of disadvantaged groups to social, cultural and physical services in a way that will strengthen awareness of social solidarity and responsibility, protect and develop cultural values; preventing the negative effects of migration, facilitating social life and keeping immaterial cultural heritage alive.

The agency brings together probable parties who will be implementing the project it has put forth with its general framework, starting from its initial stages of creation. University, public sector, private sector and civil society organization partnerships are encouraged in these projects. Agencies may only provide up to seventy percent of the total project cost of guided projects. With guided projects, it is essential for project partners to also provide financial support and guarantee the sustainability of the project.

In the development process of guided projects, a feasibility report is prepared by the probable project owner and partners under the coordination of the agency, based on the definitive project in accordance with the guidelines determined by the Ministry. In the event that the applicability of the project is proven with a feasibility study, other documents such as budget plans and contracts are presented together with the feasibility report to the Agency Board of Directors. Following the approval of the board, the guided projects' feasibility report and other documents constituting a basis for the report are sent to the Ministry for approval. In the event that the project proposal in question and the feasibility report with other documents constituting a basis for the report are approved by the Ministry, the project may be supported by the agency.