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What is Investment Incentive System?

Savings are guidance to value added high investments , increasing production and employment , incentive of strategical investments with regional and large scaled investments that will increase international competitive power and  having  high research-development content , increasing international directed investments , decreasing regional development discrepancies, buid-up research and development activities with investments related to clumping and environment protection by means of  target foreseen at development pans and yearly programmes.  Investment incentive system based on this aim; it consists of incentive implementations of general, regional, large scaed and strategical investments.  Incentive certificate is a certificate that is regulated for investments that will be actualized in terms of the decisions targets providing profit opportunity from support terms registered on it on condition that investment involving investment’s characteristic value actualize as appropriate for terms determined and these values . 

Real entities

Unincorporated association

Equity company  



Business partners  

Public corporations and organisations 

Public vocational institute at the quality of public organisation  



Offices of foreign companies in Turkey


Note: Incentive certificate applications that will be made on behalf of legal entities having incomplete organisation process are not taken into evaluation. 

Incentive certificate applications are generally made to The Ministry of Economy in Turkey. But application owner will able to apply to local units at the place where investment will be made based on preference of application owner for investments within General Incentive implementations determined at the legislation related to implementation of decision about state assistance at investments ( the legislation with no. 2012/1) and not exceeding stable investment amount 10 millions TL involved within general incentive implementations. 

Deveopment Agencies have got authority to regulate incentive certificate about various investments that will not exceed investment amount 10 millions TL and will be evaluated within General Incentive within determined stable investment issue and amounts. In this context, application is made to Trakya Development Agency for definite investment issues being ten millions Turk Liras with one million Turk Liras being stable investment 
( click her efor investment issues that Trakya Development Agency will regulate incentive certificate)

All other incentive certificates applications ( general incentive certificates being above of 10 million TL, incentive certificates of RE-DE, Environment, Regional, Large Scaled, Strategical investments ) except from issues determined above will be made to the General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital of Ministry of T.R. Economy. 

Application petition signed by authority and authorities to represent and bind for investor, 

Notarised signatures list belonging to authorities to represent and bind for investor , statement of signature for public corporations and unlimited companies with real entities, 

The statement was prepared as appropriated for the sample at Appendix 1, investment information form signed and stamped by authority or authorities to represent and bind for investor for each page and machinery and equipment lists with recognisance,

A document being subject that 400 TL amount being for application that will be made to the ministry put into the bank account determined Appendix-9 of The legislation appendix belonging to The ministry’s circulating capital enterprise ,
A document being subject that the part as 100 TL of amount determined above put into the bank account of relevant local unit on condition with the application made at local units  and also the part balance put into the ministry’s circulating capital enterprise’s account, 

The original or certified copy from notary or registry authority  of Turkey Trade Registry Gazette or Turkey Craftsman and Artisan Registry Gazette that show final situation in terms of firm’s partnership construction, capital amount and activity issues,  

A writing that will be taken from relevant units of Social Security Corporation about premium and administrative fine’s debts that does  not exist or they are suspended and/or are made an installment plan or are structured and their configurations are not destroyed and these debts being payable to socail security corporation in every part of Turkey  with the social insurances and  general health insurances law with no. 5510 and 31/5/2006 datedly as to be except from applications that will be made by public corporations and organisations or barkod output that will be taken from electronic data communication environment of construction.

A letter related to the decision and / or the decision that is taken from The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning for investment issues required to stipulate ‘ The Decision that environmental impact assessment  is not necessary’ ot ‘the decision that environmental impact assessment  is positive’ involing ing appendix lists of The statement  of environmental impact assessment  published only at Official Gazette with no. 26939 and 17/7/2008 relying on the code of environment with no. 2872 and 9/8/1983 datedly, 

Data and documents determined at the statement’s appendix’s appendix-2 and required to be taken from other public corporation and organisations due to relevant statute  based on the investment’s characteristic before incentive document’s demand is made, 

Morover feasibility report involving data, document, account and tables being initiator that each of criterias determined at 10. article is carried out besides analysis of sectoral, financial and technical in terms of investment issue for strategical investments, 

Other data and documents that will able to be demanded by General Directorate based on investment sector, size or incentive implementations. 

İnvestment incentive system consists of four sub-system in terms of investment issue, amount and investment regions. These are: 

1.       General Incentive System 
2.       Regional Incentive System
3.       Large Scaled Incentive System
4.       Strategical Investments Incentive System