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Thrace Region Region Plans

Regional plan is a comprehensive and high-scale plan which consists of a region's social and economic tendencies, sector and settlement-based potentials and targets; and the strategies and actions required to achieve these targets. The regional plan will have an influence on the low-scale plans and strategic documents prepared by local administrations and public institutions in the region. The aim is also to develop and implement the strategies, policies and actions formed on a local level with the plan, in coordination with national strategies, policies and actions.

The 2014-2023 Thrace Regional Plan was prepared in relation to the assignment of the Ministry of Development within the scope of the 3194 numbered Construction Law, with high-participation shareholder meetings, scientific research and comprehensive field studies organized by the Thrace Development Agency between the years of 2012 and 2014.

The Thrace Region Plan presents a vision of "Thrace developing with its high added value production whilst preserving its natural and cultural values; where collaboration and innovation prevails, and where the standard of life and wellbeing is at its highest." To realize this vision, twenty one priorities and ninety four policies under these priorities are suggested in terms of "People and Society," "Lifestyle and Environment" and "Production and Economy."