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General Incentive System

The following support terms are gotten benefit without making regional discrimination about TR21 Trakya Region with a million Turkish Liras stabe investment amounts and its above investments as to be except from investment issues not providing terms foreseen at Appensix-4 for investment issues and their incentive that will not incited at Appendix-4 Cabinet Decree with no. 2012/3305 with regional, large scaled and strategical investments. But it is required that minimum capacity, stable investment amount and other terms determined at additional lists or at the decision’s 8. article are provided  if there are investments that will get benefit from supports. Exemption of customs duty, exception of VAT, employer’s share support of insurancy premium ( for shipyards’ ship building investments ).

Application owner will able to apply to local units where the investment will be made as relying on application owner’s preference for investments within general incentive implementations determined at The Statement Related to Implementation of The Decision About State Investments at Investments ( The statement with no. 2012/1) and not exceeding stable investment amount 10 millions TL within General Incentive implementations.

Local units that they will able to apply as relying on investment place are presented at the following :

Adana Chamber of Industry, Ankara Chamber of Industry, Aydin Chamber of Industry, Balikesir Chamber of Industry, Denizli Chamber of Industry, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry for  Izmir and Mugla Provinces, Eskisehir Chamber of Industry, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Kayseri Chamber of Industry, Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Konya Chamber of Industry.

Development Agencies have authorities to regulate incentive certificate about various investment issues that investment amount does not exceed 10 millions TL and will be evaluated within General Incentive within definite stable investment issue and amounts.  Within this, the application can be made to Trakya Development Agency for definite investment issues being between one million Turkish Liras with ten million Turk Liras of stable investment amount at TR21 Trakya Region including Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ provinces. These investment issues are detemined at the following:



US 97 Code



Manufacturing food products and beverage


Manufacturing textile products  (as to be except from yarn , only modernisation investments about preparation and being spinned of textile stable, as to be except from carpet, tufting, non-woven fabric with sack ,only modernisation investments about textile industry )


Manufacturing garment


Operating skin and alutation


Manufacturing tree and mushroom products (except from furniture) ; rush mat and similar to this , manufacturing matters made by lock


Manufacturing page and page products


Manufacturing refined petrol products and nuclear fuel (except from mining investments)


Manufacturing chemical mattern and products


Manufacturing  plastical and rubber products


Manufacturing  other mineral products being non-metallic


Main meta industry

(except from 2710 iron and steel main industry) 


Metal good industry


Manufacturing machinery and equipment  (not elsewhere classification)


Manufacturing  office, account and data processing


Manufacturing  (not elsewhere classification). electrical machinery and equipment


Manufacturing  radio, television and intercommunication machinery and equipments


Manufacturing  watch with medical devices, sensitive and optics tools


Manufacturing  motor land vehicle, trailer and semitrailer


Manufacturing  other transportation vehicles

(except from ship and yacht building)


Manufacturing  furniture: other manufacture (not elsewhere classification)


Investments of prdouct packing services


Investment of service and substructure of municipality and special provincial administation

 (not elsewhere classification)

All other general incentive certificates except from issues defined above (General Incentive Certificates being above 10 millions TL) will be made to T.R. The Ministry of Economy The General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital.